Chapter 1, page 2

Tantz_Aerine on Feb. 6, 2007

This is TWICE in a WEEK! My, I must really be off my rocker, ne? Anyway, I am quite glad I have managed to get in some effective slots for sketching along with all my other duties… so enjoy this period of plenty, all.

Here's page 2 then, and still, all we see of the patrollers is one sleeved arm. Ah well. I promise there will be LOTS of them in the next page.


Darwin: Thanks! I am hoping it will be as intriguing to the readers as it was to me when I was playing it.

Pink: *blushes*

Lenamilo: …yeah, I can't wait either! O.o I am a little intimidated, but I will take on the challenge, and hope it comes across well enough :)

PinkDiapers: Thanks! A lot of effort is going into all this shading ;)

Freakeh: Thank you so much! This is very encouraging, if it was so engaging from the start. It is fast paced, but that's because Nick was hell bent on making it really irresistible ;) And I tailored my character to fit his setting :) Let's hope I develop a lot of skill with this endeavour- because that is my ulterior motive.

And that's that! Till next time!!