Roana_Tiger on Aug. 22, 2008

Random character sketching (and quick, shitty scanning)… I'm probably not going to add actual pages to this for another month.
So. Why create the account now? And add the comic NOW?

Boredom is a powerful thing. Couple that with the long-held desire to have a webcomic, and BAM! Inanity.

Anyway. The one at the top is Roana, one of the main characters. The MAIN main, if you will.
Yes- she is quite buff. There's a reason for this. It does not involve steroids.
Also… that was an attempt to draw here straight-on. Not fanart for “Penny and Aggie”'s Charlotte. (Which, by the by, is a really cool comic, and if you don't read it, you should.)

Out of all the characters in this… she's the one I'm constantly redesigning. Annoying, at times.

The second character is Morgan, a sub-main character, if you also will. I just like drawing her hair. So she comes up a lot. She's also half of my favorite couple in this storyline, but that's much later on…

Er… pretend the list of characters isn't on the side there. I'd take it off in Seashore, but it's 5:00 AM, so screw it.


That's it. Peace.