Tindome Senshi Book 1 Chapter 1

SailorDione on Aug. 1, 2012

The inside cover for this Chapter featuring Sailor Seldarine.
Also, noted on here are special thanks to a few people:
Arghhh: He's been very supportive and rock steady. He's been helping me believe in myself and encouraging me to make this dream come true.
Goldie: One of my best friends, she's encouraged this project from the very beginning and I thank her for her support always <3
Isis: Helped me flesh out a lot of the girls in here, she's also helped encourage me during this endeavor :)
Dragondoodle: She's got her own webcomic (http://girl-n-herhorse.deviantart.com/) and she's already gone over 100 pages and i'm so very inspired by her <3
Kirdein: he's helping me with the backgrounds/landscapes. He is an amazing artist and I look forward to working with him some more :D