Chapter One: Hunters

evildemon on Nov. 22, 2008

Hello all! This is a comic about alps and maras, (maras are basically female alps) which are NOT vampires. I do describe them as ‘creatures of the night’, because they haunt people's dreams and cause nightmares, AT NIGHT. I'm horrible at keeping an updating schedule, so please don't get too upset if you like this comic and I don't update it regularly. I am really fascinated by alps and think they rock, a commonly known alp on this site is Tonius in ‘Charby the Vampirate’.
Another thing to know about alps is that they only have power when they're wearing their tarnkappe (hat). If you'd like to know more about them before or after reading this comic, go to the club on deviantart about them and learn about this fun species! XD