1-1 - When the Master's Away... (Kaji Motomiya)

Kaji Motomiya on Nov. 11, 2010

The beginning of collaboration of ideas between me and fellow toy collector, The_Emperor. I finally started working on it after I took the initial pictures. I SHOULD probably talk about how my part of the comic works, but I'll see what the Empy has to say. Are comics are split in two: there's my half of the week, and there's his half of the week. Currently…we don't have set dates for uploading, but we'll eventually figure it out. There WILL be special times when two ideas become one, but I won't explain how that works yet. >=3

Also, beware my beginner first-time Photoshop skillz!

The figures here are two different lines, both of which me and The_Emperor are very VERY familiar with. The one in red is part of a line called S.H.Figuarts (Shouchaku Henshin Figuarts, I think) by Bandai of Japan…or Asia…I'll stick with Japan. They specialize in more action-oriented series…es such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and their more prominent lines, Kamen Rider. The second are called figmas, produced by Max Factory. They specialize in bishoujo characters such as the cast of Lucky Star and K-On!, and some male characters like Lelouch from Code Geass and that one guy from Fate/Stay Night…..don't judge me, I don't know who he is. These two are very articulate lines and offer great amount of posing. You can go nuts with them.

While he's not exactly making much of an appearance, the last one there, the bear in brown, is….mine. Been around since Christmas in 1998 and is very very special to me. His name is Pooky, and yes, he's part of the comics as well.

The Figuart figure (red) is Kamen Rider Kuuga, and the figma figure is Black Rock Shooter.

Figuart Kuuga is young at heart and very sociable among the toy shelf of my room. However, he's a bit naive and tends to say things that can hurt a girl's feelings. He loves to play my video games, which is why I often question the extra save files in my memory cards…

figma Black Rock Shooter, despite her bold appearance, is a shy and silent girl who wields an arsenal of a guard-less sword and a huge rocket launcher/machine gun thing. Because most of the toys on the shelf hardly ever hear her speak, it's hard to tell what she's thinking. She loves to hang out with Kuuga, but his unintentional words tends to make things harder between them.

The stuffed animal Pooky is also a silent character, but unlike BRS, he's mute. He often just sits on the shelf or on my bed, watching the life of the other toys take their course. Being the oldest of the group, he puts the toys in line with a simple stare.