Page 41 by ShastaB24

shastab24 on Dec. 31, 2012

Sorry about the lateness of this page.  I simply forgot to draw it on time.  Part of that is due to losing my job and being therefore preoccupied.
So here we have the last we'll see of the villains for this issue.  Only one page left, after all.  I don't know why specifically I decided to close on Masticator rather than Shai'tan, but oh well.  I guess it's to leave the villains on a bit of humor.
You want to see more of these villains, though?  Then you're in luck.  Crossover Melee starts next year, with the cover page, of sorts, being posted on Karabear Comics Unlimited tomorrow.  I'll also try and get a nice web hub going so people can follow it better.  After all, it's not confined to one comic.  This issue will be posted on the hub as the prelude.  From there, the comics assuredly to be running Crossover Melee are Karabear Comics Unlimited, Wonder Team, Dueling Heroes, and Fiendish Fellowship.  That last one will run both current adventures, as well as flashbacks onto the origins of the villains (and Shai'tan has a nifty one).