Fae on April 3, 2008

Yeah you heard me I'm taking a break from this, for obvious reasons. School is dragging and taking a lot of my time when it comes to me making my children's book and that has to come first. I'm sorry if that upsets you guys but it has to be done.

And quite frankly I am a little upset. Yeah I know I got some people who decide to give a crap about my comic, but no one ever really comments. Yeah a few here and there but nothing really its nothing more than a blip on the radar. Does anyone really care what happens to Trip and her friends? Should I let this comic drop off the face of the planet? Yeah I know people read, but not that many comments. I would like to know why, I mean other artists get feedback form their work. *sigh*

Alright enough of the bitching for now, Trip is going on hiatus till more or less my book is complete after that I can only wonder what'll happen. So I'll see you guys later. Sorry if this isn't as upbeat and as hopefully as you all would expect but I this is how I feel so that's that. DX Bye for now.