And you think you can walk back into my life?

Fly Hue on Aug. 31, 2010

Gabriel is mature enough to admit that he had just a crush to start and that later it was the real thing. He's not going to give us that shit about how it was like totally true love from the start. He is, however, immature enough to dwell on it for a good half a century. But I guess he's immortal. If he wants to learn good, character-building lessons about moving on and being productive then he literally has all the time in the world to do so.
You can recognize all the new pages as looking like this. There will be a few more that are more computer oriented, but eventually it will be all pages that will look like this in the new updates. I like it like this. I was really against drawing my own borders before because I didn't want to pull out my rulers and be lazy instead, but as it turns out I've rather taken a shine to jagged, hand-drawn borders! How convenient for me! And the less computer I have to use the better in my opinion! :3