Giant Robots

Tentacle Porn on July 19, 2009

I would really appreciate if everybody read these notes today.

Basically I lost my job a little while ago and have no money. I lost my phone lines and television today, I'm out of food money and tomorrow I lose my internet connection. Another week, and I don't have electricity. If things get any worse than I won't even be able to afford a roof over my head anymore. So I am trying desperately to get whatever money I can right now, and in an attempt to make even a little money I've started accepting commissions, the details are as follows:
"-$20: Full colour piece, with all the shading and toning that entails. plain fill / pattern background. These bad boys are at PAINFULLY LARGE RESOLUTIONS and you can print them off as big as you want, and it will look insanely sexy.
-+$5: For an extra five dollars per character, I'll draw another character for you in the same piece.
-+$10: For another ten dollars I'll draw a full background scene specified by the customer. I know this last one might seem steep but it adds a lot to the time it takes to complete the piece.
-xx: If you want something quick and easy, something silly and simple or just a scribble of indeterminate nature, feel free to negotiate a price, as long as I see it as something simple enough to warrant a bargain price, I'm totally cool with that.

(all orders will be processed within the space of a week unless they are like, insanely huge projects, though there's a good chance I'll finish these in 2-3 days if I haven't already got one on the go, so hey, why don't you like, get in quick, huh?)"

you can read more at my deviant art

If you are kind enough to make an order, then please contact me on dA or at my gmail richie.rwj(at)
I am really in need right now and appreciate anyone who has visited my strip and read this. Even though I will not have an internet connection beyond tomorrow, I will be checking into the library twice daily with my fingers crossed to see if anyone wants to place an order. Your help and thoughts are most appreciated.