And now for an almost touching speech.

Disgruntledrm on Jan. 11, 2011

Was watching TCM earlier, as I so often do…and man, Gene Kelly…what an odd voice. Great dancer. Decent singer. Nothing wrong with his voice, but it was certainly distinctive. There seems to be a common debate…Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire. People usually go with Gene because his acting style was more youthful and lively. But…I like Fred Astaire more. Suave. Also a fantastic dancer as well. I mean he could really turn a toe (if that's not already a phrase, I'm making it one now.)

19 days until I move in with JT. Disgruntledrm, my sn, originates from our first comic together…Disgruntled Roommates (I'm sure I've mentioned this before.) Of course, another friend of mine was involved too, who was also the inspiration for Lulu and Emmy. But this coming February will be the first time I actually HAVE Jt as a roommate. Hopefully we don't hate each other afterwards.

Update: Comp crash, lost everything. Will take awhile to find re-installation disk for elements 3…and also have to re-build palettes, backgrounds, patterns, text collection, scripts…etc.