Ch. 9 Page 19

dragonsong12 on Feb. 15, 2009

Last page of the chapter and here mostly to round it out.

Anyone who wasn't suspicious of Nareth before this, is definitely concerned now. If you're wondering why no one speaks up at the end there, however, please bear in mind that Bradley can't speak, and none of the boetheri are going to mention anything, so that just leaves Ralla to take the lead. For Ralla, this is actually the first strange thing she's noticed and isn't willing to dismiss him based on that.
…but she's not happy.
…and we're mostly not getting into it here because I wanted the chapter to end here. WHOO! drama.

Anyway, this WAS going to be their destination, had our villain found what he was searching for, but he didn't, so he needs to look elsewhere. Now he needs to sweet talk the rest of them into going on…hmm….

Is there anything else to talk about? Hmm, I can't remember. Comment if there's any concerns I forgot to address. XD
Oh! And I did a Quack with the Ducks interview! You can read it here!

Thanks for reading! Next week will be a filler, but I hope it'll be somewhat interesting, so see you then!