Chapter 12: "Choice"

dragonsong12 on Jan. 17, 2010

And so here we go, on to another chapter. The lighting bolt is used to symbolize a flash of insight. I can honestly say, I'm not entirely sure it's appropriate to this chapter for Tren, but it can be argued, so we'll just leave it at that.
…the cover looks kinda cool, so there's that at least.

I've got to admit, this is the chapter that I was really worried about. I mentioned it at the beginning of last chapter, since that one leads into this one, but this is the one that worries me. I've already written out the script for the chapter, and I'm feeling a bit better about it, but we'll have to see it in actual execution, won't we?
On that same note, I had been intending to finish out part one of the story in two more chapters…mostly because I thought ending on chapter 13 would be pretty good, and also because I anted it to be about the same length as the introduction stuff, which was six chapters with the first chapter being very long, so seven chapters about equaled it. (Yes, I recognize the fact that six chapters is very long for an “introduction,” I call it that because it established a lot of things.) However, when I actually sat down and looked at what I had left to tell of part one, it became apparent that if I tried to do it in two parts, the chapters would be very long and oddly paced. So I decided that part one will go to 14 chapters, just to make the story flow right. I know I've been saying that there were two chapters left, but there are now three. Sorry about that (mostly, I'm annoyed myself, I thought I was nearly there! But this is better, I think.)
On a slightly more positive note, however, while I'm worried about this chapter, I'm extremely looking forward to next chapter! I think it will be a lot of fun to write and draw and (hopefully) to read! So please stick with me!

Also, you may have noticed a new link down under the fanart page button (oh man, that fanart page needs updated so badly!). Yes indeed, the first six chapters of Twisted Mirrors are now collected in a print edition! You can buy it when you like! The price isn't listed there, but I'm pretty sure I set the price for eight dollars, which is just a bit over cost. It's 160 pages, with some commentary by me in the front and back.
This isn't a call for money, by the way. I'm employed and paying my bills and doing all right for myself, so I'm not going to guilt you into buying it. I put this together because I wanted a copy for myself, and thought it'd be neat to make it available in case anyone wanted it, so that's what it's for. If you want a copy, they are now available! Yay! And yes, I have every intention of collecting part one once it's finished, some of my favorite parts are in there! :D

I'll make a button for it later, but at least it's got a link!

Thanks for reading! I'll see you guys next week for the start of the chapter. (And I'm sorry I've been absent online a lot lately! I've been around, just really lazy about replies. I'll try to remedy that soon!)