The Corruption Spreads P. 2

Hakoshen on July 22, 2010

Well everyone it's hurricane season, which means there's a greater possibility mother nature is gonna knock out my power or something worse for an indeterminable amount of time. So if there are no updates for a week or a while, it's not my fault!

Incidentally, you may have noticed the new avatar. That's a sneak preview for a new comic I plan to launch in a few weeks or so. That one will actually have a traceable story and everything!

Oh, and I suppose I ought to mention TWN is on hiatus for a bit. Not too long I hope, but between other art projects including starting another comic which I hope will receive a much better reception, I just haven't felt like drawing TWN too much in the past weeks. So give it a month or two, and then it'll be back like nothing happened. Maybe.