#47 - "Explosive End"

Shyguy_Rising on Jan. 29, 2007

Yeah, this was just rotting here. So I gave it a proper burial. With more explosions.

I'd like to thank all of you viewers for supporting me in making the short 47 pages of this comic. I want to thank Mega Greg for his support and allowing me to put his character in my comic. It was great while it lasted, but all things have to come to an end.

Almost a year after they came to an end.

And with that, I want you to know that my work doesn't stop here. This is the end of Shyguy_Rising, but the man behind the mask is revealed. Go read my comic, Fullmetal Robot Things, and see my work live on. Or, you can see my work live for about 2 seconds and get smashed to pieces in Adventures of Greenie & Other People in Nowhere Place. I hope you enjoy all of these things, and continue to give me your support.

- Greenie

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