Ultranimu Act 03 Page 12

Primalx3 on May 2, 2012

If the difference in power is great enough, an animu can block another animu's sharpest technique with a fragile part of their form such as their pinky! Same pinky could also probably KO the opponent if such is the case.
Gofero is weaker than most of the other protagonistic characters that appear. Although when he gains full-power, he should be at their level. For now, despite being weaker, his base stats are very high, which means his potential is greater than normal.
The other day on a forum, somebody requested a nude Piera image, heres my response post D:
"N-NUDE?! AWRGQARG!!! You are looking at it already! That's her body! That's right! A princess dress is her body! For all I know, she is just empty air under that!
Honestly, I'm not even sure what she looks like under that. I have a very unlikely theory that she may have a ribbon roll for a body and legs that are ribbon straps. If the empty air theory is true, then she is nothing more than a head and neck attached to a pair of arms via a ribbon bow and she just wears a princess dress to make her appear bigger than she really is. This theory might hold up since she is telekinetic and could easily levitate off the ground, giving the impression that she is standing when in reality there is no body there! Here is an illustration depicting ribbon roll theory on the left, the upper right is the empty air theory, and to the lower right, her princess dress in individual pieces. I'm pretty sure she doesn't need nudity as she, along with those other Animu's, are nothing more than fighting platforms, just like a mecha, made only to fight."

"^^^^^^^^^^ There you have it! Nude! Don't say I didn't warn ya! Well, I never did! Too late for me to put NSFW or put tags on the image!! "
Apparently, he was joking. D: Well anyways, if you ever wondered about ANIMU nudeness, the paragraph above explains all! If you're wondering how their born or other such questions, they will be answered in a future author notes.