mimiche on Jan. 29, 2008

EDIT— Thanks Kam for the corrections! I fixed the page but DrunkDuck would not let me upload it so I deleted the whole thing! I thank you for your corrections and comments and changed some things!!

-Okay- if your just checking in please go to the previous page where I kind of introduced the comic. So you know, this is suposed to be crappy looking :)

I don't know where this is set anymore- Las Vegas like town :)

YOU CAN CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG at any point in time :) Like I said on the previous page, the comic has NO research. If I ever wanted to re do the story and put EFFORT into it (which I will one day) I will research everything that needs to be done.
I'm just playing around in the mean time :)

So Meet Laramie and Kiera, Cousins. BTW KIERA'S SHIRT belongs to South Park. I did not create Kyle XD