Free Spirit

Amelius on Sept. 13, 2016

Way to be an accidental jerk, Ame!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I update this on the 13th because it's “the unlucky number”, and in the middle of the month and I can only manage about a page a month in between CTV, ReVamped, Here There Be Monsters, second book in Tonius' trilogy, Patreon lore posts/Vagabonds… but I did get one extra page done this month ahead of schedule. I have no idea when I'd fit that in this month, but if I get another one done this month maybe I'll update twice in October? Maybe a little Halloween treat? Better than only updating on Halloween I'd say!

Until then all the early finished pages sit on Patreon… I posted both pages at the start of the month. ♫♩(のε の)