Unlimited Evil Issue #2 Page 9: Part 4 End.

darth_paul on May 16, 2015

O.K., in the last couple of pages things were unraveling fast for our heroes. The “Evil Society of Villains” and the “Xel Empire” had arrived to pick up where the “Gremlin Organization” had left off back in issue #1 with their raid on Novatek Industries which housed the computer controlling the defenses N/I built for the Earth. With those defenses out of commission it left them more vulnerable than they would be if they were active. I'm not saying that those are the be all end all of the planet's defenses, because that would of course be illogical and stupid, and I haven't even exactly said what those defenses are that were disabled, but then again I am being vague on purpose because I don't want to give everything away just yet. Anyhow, as the “ESV” did their part, it forced the heroes gathered at N/I to split up with some of them leaving to engage in other missions to deal with what's been happening and those left to deal with the new invading villains who were sorely outnumbered and outmatched by the heroes remaining at N/I. Therefore, the fight was pretty much over before it began, so I never really intended to show much of a battle, and here we have the quick fast-forwarded aftermath as those left over heroes have regrouped at the headquarters of the “Super-Mutant Nine” with the defeated members of the “ESV” safely in their brig.