usedbooks on May 18, 2007

Not much to this page, just tying up the chapter. Mike in defeat – which is where Mike inevitably ends up most of the time, and a finished snowman. To be honest, if there is magic in that old hat, I shudder to think what sort of life it would create.

Sorry the page loads so slowly today… Since there wasn't much going on here, I decided to splash on a little color in the last panel. I'm not a colorist, I'm afraid. Just flat color overlaid on my sketch. It still seems to take forever… (Actually, the original reason my comic is in B&W is that I'm turning it into books for my friends.) Yuki likes pinks and purples. Like some strange butt-kicking Barbie.

I made full color pages for the DD Beauty Contest. They turned out nice (can't wait for the swimsuit part…), so my brother suggested I try coloring the first page of each chapter. On this page, I'm just testing the waters… A new chapter starts tomorrow, so expect color on that page and maybe the first page of each new chapter after that.