When the Cat's Away

usedbooks on May 19, 2007

If you can't tell, I am beginning what will hopefully be a regular thing, coloring the first page of each chapter. My coloring isn't great, and it takes forever. Since my chapters are 8 to 10 pages long, I think I can manage making coloring each first page (making it one colored page every week and a half or so) and still keep up my daily updates. (If the colors actually are detracting from it, I won't do them. Just let me know.)

I want to apologize for the lack of cute characters running around the title. The original image had them, but just yesterday, I had the strongest desire to change the title of this chapter… My old way of naming was a bit boring (“Seiko's ____” “Kaida _____”), but my titles have taken a brilliant turn of being clever phrases with all kinds of deep meaning (which becomes more apparent throughout the chapter). Here is the original title, BTW:

Now, I need to give you all fair warning. The next few chapters (starting on tomorrow's page!) are rather plot heavy. If you haven't at least skimmed the archives to understand a little about how these characters know each other, you could get lost or maybe just not enjoy this stuff as much as you should/can.