usedbooks on Aug. 11, 2010

I think panel 4 is one of my favorite pictures of Raidon. I had a small conundrum about whether only Kaida or both Kaida and Raidon should be the target of the threat and how exactly to word it. As usual, my decision was primarily based on conciseness. However, I think it also has interesting implications for all parties involved if only Kaida is the (unknowing) target of this threat.

Anubis: Technically, Raidon hasn't killed anyone, but he is guilty of misuse of company resources.

Tantz: Maybe, but at least he'll have another chance to redeem himself. He's not quite as disposable as Ronnie.

LanceDanger: I'm glad you like him. ^_^ I have a habit of throwing “pets” in for atmosphere and as part of character exposition. You can see, our blond guy has a few critters.

Peipei: He doesn't like it to be known, but he gets chastised by the higher-ups fairly often.

amanda: Obviously he stays behind the scenes for a reason, but you'll see him again.

Warpedwenger: I know your weaknesses…

DAJB: Upper management is always a pain in the butt. Getting in your way and micromanaging. :-P