usedbooks on Oct. 4, 2012

In my original script, the “breakfast dialogue” was much different. It also ended with Kaida kicking Fudo in his injured ankle and saying, “That's for sending my brother to the hospital. – If you do become a dangerous monster, I'll kill you myself. That's my privilege, and don't you dare deny me.” But, I ended up changing the whole tone of the chapter. Kaida got softer and Fudo more serious.

The conclusion of this little arc is coming next week! Have a great weekend!

Peipei: They run hot and cold. XD

plymayer: Oh good. I'm glad it reads right. I get concerned about layouts and reading order sometimes.

kaitia: It is cute when his guard drops a little. :)

roycemarie: Bunkbeds! Or they could trade in for a queen size like they used to have. – Although roommate and bedmate are two very different propositions.

crazy_goodfellow: The soft moments sneak in at odd times. :)