usedbooks on Nov. 1, 2012

I had wanted to put Mike in the foreground of panel 4 looking generally creeped out (that chill up your spine thing), as a Meredith-triggered PTSD sort of reaction, but I couldn't fit him in the frame. The lady truly has no remorse and would delight in the opportunity to mess with the kid, but there are other things to do tonight. (I also wanted to put Dozer in the scene, absorbed in his smart phone thingy as usual. I just couldn't get that panel to work. :P )
I'm going on vacation Tuesday. There will be filler. (Fun filler, imo, but filler nonetheless.) I'll be away for 8ish days, so don't be surprised by my lack of internet presence.

plymayer: Thanks!

Anubis: Kaida's keeping the guy humble. XD

crazy_goodfellow: It's more of a loose framework, but it helps me get my bearings. (A city is too big to map entirely, and it allows me to invent new settings as needed.) I always thought Gotham was full of dark magic.

Peipei: I snuck both past references and foreshadowing into the chatter. ;)