usedbooks on Dec. 4, 2012

The middle two panels were going to be one panel, but I couldn't get the perspective right. It also took a ton of erasing, and my brother posed as a “hand model.”

The design for the apartment building lobby is entirely imagined. But it feels pretty real to me. :) Al, the night guard's, uniform is inspired by the uniform of my former roommate and honorary sister Bethany.

plymayer: !

Peipei: Your feelings may be valid.

Locoma: I can't get the same inspiration from photos alone. ^_^ (And your perspective was super-enlightening! Much different than the tourist “bus tour” experience.)

Anubis: Thank you. :) It fits the page better, and angles add an unsettled dynamic feeling.

ghostrunner: Are you in 2B or not 2B?