Filler: Cover Art Design

usedbooks on Dec. 18, 2012

Sorry for filler. I needed time to work on this. After the next chapter, I will be compiling another long print book (starting with page 848), and this is the cover for it.

The conclusion chapter for this arc (and the print book) will commence this Thursday. Thank you for being patient with me. Like many, I am juggling lots of tasks this month.

plymayer: Thank you. :) I have been working on my techniques.

Peipei: That's the only way to play this game.

ghostrunner: Tantz came up with that one.

Anubis: Shouldn't mess with Meredith. She is skilled in terrible ways.

Locoma: That she is. XD

Tantz: Thank you. :)

LanceDanger: Good ol' Meredith.