usedbooks on Dec. 27, 2012

I altered the dialogue quite a lot through the various script and page drafts for this one. The conversation was originally several lines longer. (Violet replies to Tristan, and then Tristan asks Seiko what she thinks, and a few other words are exchanged.) I pared it down to essentials, but I also added the exchange between Tristan and Eric – and then I altered Eric's line three times.

plymayer: I can't see at all without glasses. Actually, I've had to wear bifocals since I was 19 (and glasses since I was 7).

Peipei: He asked for Conrad's help. ;) Conrad can handle it.

Anubis: Well, it is on their end. The sniper was real enough.

crazy_goodfellow: Kaida was dealing with a real bad guy, but she'll still be pissed off to have been uninformed about this.