usedbooks on June 4, 2013

Here's your page for the week. Sorry it's all I could get done. (Overtime, doctor visit, etc.) I'll stop telling you my excuses for missing updates. Just expect it from time to time while I'm working. :)
The last couple pages have had some weird names. I created them as placeholders when I was writing my script but never bothered replacing them with anything more conventional or better. (I make up proper names off the top of my head just so I can continue my scripting train of thought.)

ghostrunner: That's what he's afraid of! Too tempting!

plymayer: Thanks!

crazy_goodfellow: Heavy is a good word for it. The kid's having a rough time.

Peipei: True. Mike tends to distance himself a lot. He has trouble hiding his feelings but he doesn't want to share either.

Anubis: It definitely can be.

Warpedwenger: Thanks, Warped. I know about guiding eyes with speech bubbles. I sometimes have to compromise to get them around the art. (This page and the ones following were more successful in that respect, imo.) Lately, I have been struggling just to get pages done, but I will try to pay attention to those details.