usedbooks on June 19, 2013

This was updated yesterday, but DD didn't seem to register that fact, so I'm uploading again. Believe it or not, I finished two updates ON TIME this week. :P I'll save the other one for next week. (There will be two pages next week. :) )
A recap: When Mike was 15, he got into an altercation and pushed a man off the subway platform. Subsequently, the man was hit by a train. Because Mike was a juvenile and it was not premeditated, he did not go to prison but had court-ordered therapy. (Also, because Used Books is seething with unfortunate coincidences, that man was Meredith Neace's husband Reuben.)
Anyone who remembered this without the recap gets a gold star for today and five extra minutes of recess.
plymayer & skreem: Thanks!

ghostrunner: It probably wouldn't work for everyone.

Peipei: It's Seiko who had the panic attacks. Mike's problem is a little different. He has a sort of rage. It was inspired by my friend who had trouble as a late teen but was helped by medication.