Snapped Laces

usedbooks on July 2, 2013

I live on the beach, so there's a lot more sky around here than in the mountains where I grew up. I find myself admiring the clouds these days and decided to alter how I render the sky in my comics to give it a bit more depth. I enjoyed making the clouds for this page, which is nice because I *hated* drawing the house.

The next page is taking extra long because I was sick last week. (And I might have put too much detail into the backgrounds.) -_- So, it won't be up until next week.

One more announcement: Voting for the 2013 DrunkDuck Awards has begun, so make sure you pop over and show support for your favorite DD comics.

plymayer & skreem: Thanks!

Peipei: The thing about Mike is he rarely thinks at all. :P

ghostrunner: o_o