Filler: Seventh Anniversary

usedbooks on Feb. 22, 2014

Weekend update! I know it's unusual, but I have to celebrate our anniversary, right? I am still with my friends in Huntington, but I'll be returning in a few days, and we'll continue regular updates later this week.

For now, please enjoy this. Although I drew it shorthand with few details, it took quite a while. I wanted to draw as many characters as I could recall off the top of my head. When I finished, there were 65. I decided to look up five more to make things nice and even. ;) There are, in fact, more named characters to choose from, so if you decide the animals don't count, you could throw in Loise, Valerie, Debbie, Nicholas, Dave, etc. (I also have no fewer than eight new characters waiting for introductions in the next three or four story arcs.)