usedbooks on June 5, 2014

Work is kicking my butt with overtime, but I'm still managing to make some progress with UB. Just a couple pages left of this arc now. I wasn't happy with any versions of the script, so I just wrote this page by adlib based on the “natural reactions.” It's a good strategy, imo, for getting the mood natural. Sadly, I had to cut one of my favorite lines: “Blowing up a library is reprehensible! I hope they throw the book at him.” It just didn't fit since Kaida adopted the stance of sympathizing (to some degree) with Zack.

Anubis: :) Thank you. It works for his character.

plymayer: Thanks!

Peipei: Indeed. Luckily, Zack doesn't want to get blown up either.

ghostrunner: Couldn't hurt.