usedbooks on July 21, 2014

If you can bear the terrible art, here's a link to page 474 and the chapter involving Carter's death and his will. You see, sometimes when something “can't be found,” it's not stolen or part of a sinister plot. It's gotten stowed away in a box somewhere.


Voting for the 2014 DrunkDuck Awards has begun! The material that will be judged begins with July 2013, which is right around the beginning of Snapped Laces. You can keep that in mind if you are considering nominating Used Books for anything.

Used Books might be an appropriate contender in any of the following categories.
~~Best Mystery/Crime/Noir~~
~~Best Layouts~~
~~Best Protagonist: Seiko~~
~~Best Antagonist: Valentine~~
~~Best Supporting Character: Tristan~~

Just some suggestions if you want to nominate UB. Even if you don't, you should go fill out a ballot to support your favorite DD comics. You don't have to nominate in all categories, just fill in what you want.

Here is the ballot.

plymayer: Thanks!

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