usedbooks on Aug. 4, 2014

This page and next week's were last-minute add-ins. I decided to add them in for flow and clarity. I've been doing mostly trial-and-error coloring. Caroline is the trickiest because she's at that odd age between child and adult (13 in junior high). She is an interesting character, an extravert cynic. The entire Harding family are extraverts, which are uncommon in my real world circles (although introverts tend to have their own little circles that intersect in venn diagram fashion). I encounter them sometimes, but they manage to drain all my energies and feed off them somehow… like vampires?

And that is what happens when I try to write comic commentary first thing in the morning… Have a nice week.

Anubis: Where I grew up in WV, there are ski resorts everywhere. I went only once, on a church trip.

ghostrunner & plymayer: :)

Peipei: It's a whole ski vacation story! Admittedly there's not much skiing to be had. Kaida and Seiko aren't interested, and Brigit is 8 months pregnant, but at least it will be snowy.