usedbooks on Aug. 11, 2014

Yes, I copy-pasted, and I am unashamed. This does give a pretty good demonstration of my current “night lighting” techniques. I’m always tweaking those, but I have a functional one at the moment. The first two panels were an afterthought to my afterthought. I think they tie the whole thing together for setting.

And thank you all for nominating me for a DrunkDuck award. While I would continue creating my story even for an empty room, your support means so much to me. It brightens my darker moods and heals my stress.

Anubis: Babies. You can’t trust ‘em.

Banes: Thanks! 40 pages is a long way to go at one a week, though. Heh. I’ll be back up to two a week in a couple months.

Tantz: That’s Ricky and Alex’s sister Caroline. She and Kaida share a lot of the same attitude (but not fashion sense). And thanks. It was kinda a lazy page, imo.

plymayer: Thanks!

Peipei: Heh. I should hope not, but I’m a romantic. Love conquers all and whatnot. Ricky and Brigit are newlyweds, so it could be a bit rocky for them, but they have a good sense of humor.

ghostrunner: Thursday, 2 AM. Kick kidneys. Roll over.

Niccea: Thank you! I’m touched by my readers’ support. :)