Filler: Art Practice

usedbooks on Nov. 20, 2017

There’s no update this week. I was swamped. One of my rats had an accident and literally lost an eye. My parents just got back from an almost three month trip in Perth, AU (home of my sister). And work is ending soon, leading to a lot of that end-of-season stress.

(Marcia, my pi-rat)

I also randomly found myself inspired to several future story arcs, so I had to drop everything and marathon write some scripts before the ideas vanish completely. This is basically concept art and practice for some of that. It’s not a near-future script. (It could even be scrapped completely.) But I wanted to see if I was capable of drawing something like this. – I realized after I posted it that you can't entirely tell which characters these are, which I think is hilarious, so I'll just leave it at that. (Note to self: Learn how to draw more masculine figures.)

I did finish the page for this week, but it was too close to the deadline, and I like a few days’ buffer. With all life’s stresses on me, I decided this was the one deadline I have the most control over being lenient on myself with.

For those of you celebrating this week, have a lovely holiday. For those who aren't, have a lovely week.