usedbooks on Jan. 29, 2015

Valentine is reading the Journal of the American Medical Association, a peer-reviewed scientific journal. That is not to say he's actually a doctor, but it's not most people's idea of casual reading material. I have written an elaborate back story for Valentine. (It probably won't be included in Used Books. It doesn't fit into the PG-13 rating.) Most of my characters do not have complete back stories, but I had trouble getting into Valentine's head. I did a lot of (disturbing) reading about serial killers to generate a detailed profile for him.

VinoMas: Thanks!

Warpedwenger: Thank you. Sometimes it works out better than others.

plymayer: Indeed.

ghostrunner: Put it in your portfolio!

Peipei: Another important point is that you can kill someone only once. Do it for free now, and you can’t cash in on that person later. (Gibson makes these assessments. If he thinks someone is likely to have a contract taken out on them in the future for a good price, he’ll be very careful to see they stay alive until then.)