usedbooks on May 18, 2015

Ghost is not slang for spy. Spook is, so Alex is kinda right but not really. I’ve worked in places with all kinds of security systems. This “hacking” method wouldn’t work for most, since employees often have their own codes for accountability. But an older system in a place with a smaller staff and less at stake wouldn’t be as complex.

plymayer: If they stay on trails, and Caroline knows the way, it won't be impossible. (Granted, heavy snow can cover trail markers, but that's all the more reason Caroline should go if she skis here every year, and Yuki may not have been here much or at all.)

Anubis: It's either that or singing. Stories are less of an avalanche risk, imo.

ShirouZhiwu: In its way, chaos is nothingness.

tupapayon: That's how I approach everything. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

ghostrunner : Yep.

Peipei: Caroline has a way with words. XD