usedbooks on Dec. 22, 2014

This is the only page this week, but I did work on something special for Thursday.

I’m still working on “snow” effects, but I think it turned out okay. Originally, Caroline was scripted a little different, mostly complaining that the storm will close the slopes and she’ll be ‘trapped inside with these losers.’

Anubis: I've been trapped in WV visiting friends many times because of a snowstorm blowing in. It's common sense not to cross the mountains. Just stay where you are.

plymayer: Lava lamps may not be antique enough for this place. ;) Heck, they may count as new technology here.

ghostrunner: Kaida rarely has the happy kind, so she should take what she can get.

Peipei: The little rituals can be enjoyable. Although, when I had a watch that needed wound, it hurt my fingers. :P