usedbooks on March 2, 2015

This has gone through many script edits, and it basically boiled down to Gibson delivering terms without any real discussion. I did have a lot of objections and questions in most of the drafts. It certainly would fit the boys' characters, but it fits just as well for them to be silent. (I have moved their distress and objections to later on, when not directly faced with shotgun-wielding guy.)

Anubis: Mike’s knife has been useless in EVERY fight. It’s basically no more than a security blanket.

LanceDanger: ^_^

Peipei: Unless it’s a duel. Those never end well, but they are fair (theoretically).

plymayer: Lol. Most UB animals reflect or amplify the mood of the scene and people, but Puck is the most happy and oblivious creature.

ghostrunner: Man’s best friend.