usedbooks on Aug. 3, 2015

I should type something here… Uh. I have nothing to say about the art. Nothing worth bragging about or lamenting. I work in parks, so I am familiar with radio protocol. Mostly, it boils down to keeping it brief, and no unnecessary chatter. In an emergency, be as detailed as possible, and no one will fault you for dropping protocol. Most places don't use radios frequently but instead have gone to cell phones. A radio is still a great tool to summon help because it broadcasts to anyone listening and you don't need a phone number.

plymayer: And Chemical X!

Anubis: Could be. Couldn't say which “someone.”

LanceDanger & Peipei: We have printed SOPs for EVERYTHING. Working for the government. Lol. (Also, passive-aggressive notes in the break room are hilarious.)