usedbooks on Nov. 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. peeps! Here’s something to be thankful for. Originally, this particular scene was scripted much differently. There was blood. Mike jumping in front of a bullet is entirely in character, but ultimately, I decided given Conrad’s nature and Mike mumbling about people getting shot, this was a more realistic scenario. (And this change helped a number of other story elements fall into place.)

Oh, and in case you are movie-educated, be aware that a bullet-proof vest is not magical armor. It prevents piercing but not impact/force. It turns life-threatening into debilitating.

Anubis: Not the best scenario, but it could be worse.

plymayer: The dog flies!

KimLuster: Waiting is good. I didn't know how the scene would go either. (I write one way and hit a dead end and then rewrite.)

tupapayon: Most definitely not a hunting dog.

Peipei: It definitely smarts – the impact but not the fall, nice soft snow.

ghostrunner: A ten-foot fall into snow is no problem (*after being shot out of your seat).

LanceDanger: This may be what we call a climax.