usedbooks on July 27, 2015

I am the world's worst onomatopoeist, so I polled my Facebook friends for help. (Then I censored names for privacy and replaced all the avatars with random Used Books characters.) You can see that convo here.

Aside from my onomatopoeic hang-ups, the page turned out nicely, imo. We're about to kick off the last scene of the chapter.

Voting for the 2015 Drunk Duck Awards is open for one more week! You can find the ballot here. (Also, they/we are still in need of volunteers to present and judge.)

Anubis: I'm so stealthy, you think I'm doing nothing at all.

skreem: Thanks!

plymayer: The beer is a little harder to recover after it's stolen. XD

ghostrunner: Where were you when I polled the interwebs for sfx?

Peipei: It's about to get uncomfortably warm…

LanceDanger: Indeed. That's the Yuki way!