usedbooks on Feb. 4, 2016

I forgot how hard it was to fit speech bubbles into rectangular panel formats. :P I hope it reads okay.

This is the LAST PAGE of the chapter, the arc, and my next printed book, three years in the making. As such, I need to go on a brief hiatus to rebuild my buffer after taking time to finish cover art, format and submit said book, and revise scripts for the next few chapters. I’ll be posting filler/extras here during the downtime. The next chapter of Used Books will begin in a couple weeks.

You can order my previous books here.

tupapayon: He joined all of them. His inbox is full of spam.

KimLuster: He doesn’t believe in safe words.

plymayer: Thanks!

Peipei: With the right lies, he can find an unsuspecting partner/victim not terribly concerned by his proficiency with ropes. -_-

Anubis: Definitely true if he presents himself or his intentions with any accuracy, but he’s probably mastered a false persona. Or he might not be posting at all, just forum-stalking to amuse himself.