usedbooks on Aug. 29, 2016

This is the last page of the chapter! I’ll be posting a little story recap next week to prepare for the next story arc. It’s mostly about Conrad’s “team” (Sean, Tristan, Violet, Ashley, etc.) and introduces one of the other syndicate bosses, so it should be fun.

As for this page, it’s not fancy. I decided on plain rectangle/brick panel layout to emphasize stability and calm. It’s a fairly typical morning in Brad & Yuki’s apartment (except that she normally sleeps in her own bed). They know each other pretty well. They are nearly 30 year BFFs.

plymayer & KimLuster: Thanks!

Peipei: They find each other very comforting, and definitely draw strength from each other.

tupapayon: She certainly tries to be.

ghostrunner: Lol. He’s an optimistic guy.

Anubis: True. She might feel a touch of hurt pride too. She's used to getting things done.