usedbooks on Feb. 26, 2015

And we finally continue with our story! Mike is left-handed, but the poor guy has been meeting with hand injuries, so he’s making due. He probably couldn’t get a good jab in with his right hand, though.

A little inconsistency here. The last page had Gibson suggest they go inside and chat, but she’s not with him. Sorry about that. It was a re-rescripting issue. Originally, this entire chapter ran much differently. Same gist but nothing else. Gibson, Cass, and Derek were scripted to break in and meet one of the three in the hallway, and then the whole group meet in the bunk room to ‘chat.’ I’m writing final drafts as I’m drawing them, and on the last page I was still thinking about the group chat in the bunk room. I got to this page and logic dictated that that was silly. The bad guys would lose leverage that way.