usedbooks on Nov. 27, 2014

I asked for cameos for this chapter, but I ended up not using any. Sorry about that to anyone who made suggestions. The ski resort isn’t that crowded, and the “others” shots are far away. Here we see one of Kaida’s lesser known character traits. When in a good mood, she is easily swayed by the right motivations. Make her the right offer, she’ll ditch friends and responsibilities faster than you can blink, and she’s not all that wary of strangers — provided they aren’t terribly creepy.

Allison wasn’t tediously designed. I just started drawing and she appeared. My brother brainstormed the last name for me. He’s a good namer.

Anubis: Maybe.

plymayer: Thanks! This setting might just be my happy place. :)

ghostrunner: Bonus points for mowing down other skiers. Watch out for yetis.