usedbooks on July 18, 2016

The dialogue on the last couple pages went through a few drafts. I like that Yuki does very little prompting for Lee to start rattling off defensively. Originally, I had thought of Yuki presenting more of her “evidence” and making direct accusations, but this works out much better. She reveals very little of what they uncovered (about the folder and the seatbelt mark).


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KimLuster: Thanks! Yuki's family are mostly suburban church-going types.

tupapayon: It is what it is.

Anubis: Because I take forever to draw pages. XD It seems to take about 7 years to make a year of comic time. (Comic years are reverse dog years.)

plymayer: Not a pleasant chat at all.

Peipei: His pants are indeed on fire.

ghostrunner: Nepotism is terribly inefficient.