Labor Pains

usedbooks on April 20, 2015

I started my new job yesterday. I will be working 40 hours a week for five or six months. I really missed being employed. Anyway, I'll be able to manage only one page a week at this time. I call it my summer update schedule.

As for this page, I hope you enjoy it. I added this little flashback mostly to appease my friend Gael, who claims we've had entirely too little of Fudo lately. So here's early 30s Fudo. I sepia toned most of it, but I couldn't resist leaving the cigarette ember bright red. It's probably not symbolic. It just looks cool.

plymayer: Thanks! It's a neat place with a LOT of history. (I actually have a ton of studying to do… Names and dates and forts and so many battles/actions.etc. Poor city was a war all on its own.)

Anubis: More than carry smart phones!

tupapayon: Her maiden name is smith. She married a Doe.

Peipei: True dat.

ghostrunner: The twist is it's his first name.