Filler: Photo References

usedbooks on Sept. 21, 2014

Sorry for the lack of a page this week. I just finished moving back to VA after six months away for work. (Plus, I had termination paperwork and other stress-filled time-eating activities.)

As filler, I put together some photo references I have used for both inspiration and art (most specific to this arc). I have many photos I use for setting. My comic city is based on Huntington, WV and NYC but also has mountain, forest, and beach settings.

~Top-left: Lake Floyd where my aunt lives. Clarksburg, WV.
~Top-right: The restaurant in Douthat State Park, VA.
~Middle-left: Lake Douthat, VA.
~Middle-right: My parents’ house in southern VA.
~Bottom-left: The New River, Hawk’s Nest State Park, WV
~Bottom-right: My friend Gael browsing the 99-cent used books in a store in Huntington, WV