usedbooks on May 25, 2015

I recalled a lighting trick I used earlier (in the library explosion arc) and made use of it on this page. A really simple thing (just an extra layer with some feathered white circles on it), but I think it works well.

Not a lot of drama in this break-in, but there's no reason there would be. One place where I worked had to give up on the motion detector because squirrels and bats kept getting in and setting it off. Because of pacing, I did have to cut a small part of this dialogue. I was going to have Ashley explain that if someone did show up, they would use the “left medication inside” story that the boys thought up earlier. Anyway, it's not exactly a heist – more of a chance for some character development.

Anubis: Luck is good, but always have a contingency plan.

tupapayon: I just hate all the password rules most services have now. Make it 700 characters long with punctuation and a capital letter but not at the beginning and three numbers. It’s stupid because it makes it had for the person who made it to remember but super easy for a hacking program to crack.

plymayer & ghostrunner: Thanks!

Peipei: Haha. I’ve worked places with similar kinds of codes. Usually, the money is in a safe somewhere anyway. The alarm is mostly for would-be vandals (who are probably not very clever).