usedbooks on Aug. 18, 2014

Behold! Meredith’s condo. Raidon-Meredith interactions become easier to write as I gain experience in the nature of businesses/agencies/bureaucracies. Oh, and there’s just a hint of foreshadowing here. “The captain” is scheduled to appear in a future arc, not this one.

Tantz: Thanks! I get a kick out of writing dialogue for the Harding family. They are all a bit sassy.

Anubis: Could be door-to-door evangelists are changing tactics… Or the tooth fairy has a new look.

plymayer: They aren't freelancers. ;) I look forward to “the captain's” introduction, but that will come later.

Peipei: Well, they discovered a place where it isn't. That's progress. ^_^