usedbooks on Sept. 26, 2016

I'm barely keeping up with deadlines, but so far so good. This page was fun. I enjoy drawing the “Verona kids.” I think the whole page has a cute factor going for it, and Kaida gets sentimental about family only in her own head and when no one is present to witness. (Well, there's Ashley, but she's not going to tell anyone.)

plymayer: Thanks. I don't really notice until they creep up on me. I just keep writing. (Seems to take a long time to get through my scripts and progress. :P )

ghostrunner & tupapayon: Thanks!

KimLuster: Thanks! I consider animals as part of the setting. The two kittens help establish the “Ohtani house.”

Anubis: If she sticks with fantasy, Ashley will be spouting nothing but gibberish. XD

Peipei: Heh. She's also Caroline's niece, so Ashley is guaranteed to be a handful once she's moving and talking.