usedbooks on Sept. 8, 2014

Alternate lines for panel 3:

Yuki: Sometimes, does it seem like she’s our fearless leader?
Kaida: She does have a rather direct approach toward life.

Kaida doesn’t ski, as she mentioned, but her previous work meant she studied the hobbies and schedules or rich people. (Yuki is probably used to her various tidbits and expertise.)

plymayer: Thanks! It is based on places I've traveled in my childhood state, specifically, it's a combination of Blackwater Falls, Spruce Knob, and Hawk's Nest. I probably wouldn't go skiing again by my own choice, but I might go if invited.

Anubis: Indeed.

Peipei: Thanks! Skiing wasn't too hard for me, but I was too much of a coward to try any steeper slopes. A friend who went with us fell off the ski lift (only about 8 feet onto snow, but it was pretty funny).

fallopiancrusader: Skydiving? o_0 Think I'd pass on that one. Heh. The only sport I truly enjoy is canoeing. But I can't afford my own canoe (or have anywhere to store it). I got into it as a park ranger when I led canoe tours on a river.