The Musician: Page 1

usedbooks on April 8, 2011

Thank you for wandering over to this comic! My name is Vickie, and my main comic is Used Books. I have much fun with the UB universe and so many ideas that don't all fit so nicely into the main story. This comic is for a side story (possibly side stories). I named it Lost Tales to accommodate future stories if needed. This project began when an artist contacted me seeking a new project, and I was very excited for the opportunity. (It would be impossible for me to continue my UB update schedule and side projects on my own. – Plus, I LOOOVE writing scripts.)

I'm not sure what will happen with this, but thank you for stopping by, and please check out Used Books for the original (and severely kudzu-ed XD) story.


This first (and currently only planned) story is dubbed “The Musician.” It takes place prior to the UB continuum and is a follow-up to a flashback plot.

Writing/Color by Vickie Boutwell
Line Art by Mark Oakley