Kenz Lee on Oct. 8, 2009

I wanted to give Vamp a full body pin-up girl sort've look without it being pin-up… at all… if that makes sense, it's just been a LONG time since we had a dull body shot of her and I wanted to show off her new outfit, lol!
Hope everybody is havin' a good OCTOBER and looking forward to HALLOWEEEEEEEEN!!!!! I know I am!
I'll work on a halloween image when I get the time( if ever, anymore!XD )and have that up by Halloween or earlier, most likely! Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy this page, throughout this issue, unlike the last one, I have been very pleased with Raesha's design, her hair works much better and I think I've finally gotten her face down the way I like it!I like Auren as well and hell, all he characters, they're starting to gain the personality in the art that they have in the story and that I always in-visioned them to have.
Getting pages done, still have plenty of updates on schedule son no worries about that!
Wow! Sorry for the long wall of text, just wanted to update everybody one what's up!
Please be sure to comment and vote(no new incentives yet but the vote is still amazingly appreciated!)

Cheers, Peace, Love!