V04 - Pg28

MrHades on April 5, 2012

Hello you!
It's the last page of issue four! Michael Bay, eat your heart out ;)

Wanted this page to be a counter-point to the splash page at the start of the issue. Dark/Light… read into that what you will.

Cates and Pendragon are off to dig up some dirt on Blue-River. Will they find answers to who is behind current events? Was Woden's vision real, or induced by the blow to the head? Will Gradlon really leave the team? and finally, Kingsword coughing up blood! WTF!?

Going to take a week or two off to work on some stuff… but I do have some in-continuity filler material coming up that I think you'll like ;)

Any feedback on how you think the comic is going so far is extremely welcome. What works/what doesn't… what you like/what you dislike, etc.

And to answer questions from the previous page:

Ozmandious: The Vanguard's official missions are sanctioned by a department within the British Government, of which John Hatcher is a senior minister. He's responsible for coordinating any joint military action with General Phelps.

Shastab24: Send me a link to your characters and I'll do my best to incorporate them into the story :)

El Cid: Nice catch! Thanks for the heads up.

As always, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.