ROK TV: 'MaXimum Extreme' - featuring Rob Van Winkle

MrHades on April 18, 2012

The selling out NEVER ends!

As you may or may not be able to tell, MaX is firing off insults and future versions of Bombshell, Azumorph,Relik and Acrobat.
Bombshell has a few wrinkles 20+ years from now, but is still looking good ;)

As always, if you'd be interested in have YOUR character(s) appear in the comic, PQ me :)

Please take a moment to cast a vote for Vanguard. Button on the top left of this message. Thanks in advance!

The Vanguard Facebook page is going strong. Looking to post up a massive competition with some great prizes on there in a few weeks. Just waiting for the ‘official’
site to get up to speed with this one.

More artwork to follow before issue five kicks off. Keep em peeled.