V05 - Pg31

MrHades on Nov. 28, 2012

The last page of issue five!.
McPhaidon has put out arrest warrants on the whole team, including a ‘kill on sight’ for Pendragon, but Ophelia is on case…
I’m currently looking for any fan art to run for a couple of weeks
while I get the script for the next issue sorted. Please contact me if
you do! Thanks in advance.

See you next week for some filler/fan art!
Any feedback on what you like/don't like about the series would be greatly appreciated at this point. This is the first ‘proper’ comic which I have created and written entirely by myself and am very much feeling my way as I go.
I am seriously considering doing this at two pages a week in the New Year, like I used to do on Retake. I need to tell this story and at a page a week, that's gonna take a friggin long time!